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July '18 Polish Pickup: Roundup of the Fan Favorites

Hullo there dears!  Today's post is a bit different than most I share featuring the Polish Pickup.  The July theme is Fan Favorites and each maker will be bringing back one of their most popular shades!  There were polls posted across all the individual fan groups and the people have we get to re-shop for those items we missed, or regret skipping!  I don't have a plethora of selections to share with you but I am happy to show the ones that I did previously blog about.  So stick with me for a couple pictures and links to those posts!  This PPU is a bit different because items will be available through each individual shop so be sure to grab the provided links for the polishes you want.  You'll be able to purchase the Fan Favorites through the month of July, you can check with the PPU site for links and other pertinent info regarding each sale.  Alright, let's jump in!
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I think I'll go in alphabetical order so up first is 6 Harts!  Mojave Jewel was released during the January '18, Crystals and Gemstones themed PPU.  It was 6 Harts first month with the PPU and she killed it!  Literally sold out immediately!  And if you have this gorgeous turquoise inspired polish you totally understand why!  So Mojave Jewel is making a come back and all those of you who missed it can rejoice!  It will be $10 and no cap.  

Click HERE for the link to my original post with more pictures! 

6 Harts: ShopFacebookInstagram


Alter Ego ran her poll and the winner was Thomas Kinkade's Golden Gate!  This is a gorgeous, slightly shifty red-orange shimmery shade.  Of course, inspired by the Golden Grate bridge in San Francisco (a painting of it by Thomas Kinkade actually) from the April '17, Famous Works of Art themed PPU.  Another fun fact is that this month was the very first PPU!  I loved showing this polish off in sunlight and shade, you really get to see the shift come through, especially in the shade.  You can pick up Thomas Kinkade's Golden Gate at the Alter Ego shop.  Don't forget you can save 20% using my code My Nail Polish Obsession as well as a free mini top or base coat using code ILOVEPPU (put in note to seller what you prefer).  Free shipping on orders over $25.  Thomas Kinkade's Golden Gate will be $7, no cap.  

Click link HERE for my original post and to see more pictures!
Alter Ego: ShopFacebookInstagram  
Moving right along, here's ellagee Fan Favorite, She Blinded Me With Science.  This was from the May '17, Science themed PPU.  That was a fun theme!  And this polish is super gorgeous!  It's a smokey blue jelly loaded with rainbow colored micro glitters.  I feel like this polish is exactly what space looks like in my mind.  You can purchase She Blinded Me With Science for $11, no cap, in the ellagee shop!   

The direct link to my post is HERE and you can see more pictures and the inspiration behind the post.  


KBShimmer started up with the PPU in early '18 and has given us some fabulous shades.  But Hubble'd Together is one of my favorites.  It's from the April, Across the Galaxy themed PPU, so yes, another space themed month.  But space is huge and there are lots of options for the theme.  I loved the aqua base color and all the iridescent flakies AND it glows in the dark.  So if you missed Hubble'd Together you have one more opportunity to snag a bottle of your own.  $10, no cap.  

Click HERE to get to the direct link for my post with info, inspiration and more pictures.  


And the last posh I have to share with you is Stella Chroma's Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule.  This beauty is from July '17 Cocktails & Mocktails themed PPU.  I'm a mighty big fan of cocktails, but at the moment I can only enjoy the mocktails.  I'll be honest that I've never tried a blackberry mint moscow mule but if it's half as pretty as the polish it's totally peaked my interest and I want to!  So this polish is gorgeous creamy nude full of shifty UCC flakes and copper flakes.  The other exciting news for Stella Chroma is that she will have a limited variety of overpour scrubs from previous PPU's for $5.50.  You'll be able to save 15% using my code MNPO or ILOVEPPU for free shipping on orders over $20 (you can only use one code).  Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule will be $12, no cap on the Stella Chroma site for the entire month of July. 

Click HERE for my original post.  

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