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Fit Snack Box; March 2018

Howdy y'all!  I was at the pool today so i didn't get to watch the World Cup semi-finals for England v Croatia live.  I'm watching the replay now and have avoided Facebook and texts from friends.  I have no idea how this will play out but its a good game so far!  So while I watch this I'll leisurely type up a post for a past Fit Snack Box that was delivered when I was dying from morning sickness.  If you follow my blog at all you know by now, Fit Snack is a great subscription box full of healthy snack alternatives to what you typically find on your grocery store shelves.  The awesome thing is that now that I am familiar with so many brands in this fab box, I see so many of these products on the shelves that I never noticed before!  So don't be put off by thinking that you can only order them, lots are available at your local grocer.  If you want to give Fit Snack a try you can save 30% off your first box using my link HERE!  As usual, I have my 6 year old daughter, Naomi helping me out with the taste testing.  Let's jump in and check out the treats!

*press sample*

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The first product I tried is Just the Cheese made from Pure Wisconsin Cheese.  Let me warn you that when you go to their website the packaging will look different than what I am showing here, looks like they updated their packaging and I like it.  These are cheesy, low carb snacks that are full of satisfying crunch.  I received White Cheddar flavor and I found it very tasty and enjoyable. I would totally keep these around for a snack to grab by the handful or to toss in my kids lunch boxes.
Jen - like
Naomi - like

As an avid runner I am embarrassed to say I have never tried Scratch Labs before.  This is one of those brands that literally everyone in my running groups (in person and online) talks about - whether they love or hate it.  Keep in mind, these electrolyte/hydration drinks work differently for each body and you really have to spend some time trying them out to see what works best for you.  So with all that said, Scratch Labs is made with real ingredients and double the electrolytes to help you replace what you lose while getting your sweat on.  I received lemon lime flavor.  It smelled great and tasted great.  I found it refreshing and look forward to trying it as a during or post workout drink.  
Jen - thumbs up
Naomi - thumbs up

I was totally intrigued when I saw this package.  Numa Milk Chews are a completely new brand/product to me.  But they sound delicious!  These are a milk based chewy snack with bits of nuts and dried fruit inside.  The ingredients are non-HMO and gluten free.  The best part, these are some tasty little snack bites.  Sweet and savory at the same time, individually packaged so they are easy to toss in a bag and take on the go.  
Jen - yum
Naomi - maybe, guess she has to be in the milk chew mood

Vahdam Teas are teas that come straight from India, no middle man, so you can expect a super fresh product in your mug.  The green teas are non-fermented, non-oxidized so it contains the highest amounts of flavanoids and natural anti-oxidants.  I received 2 packages, both green teas.  I will be honest, I haven't tried either of these because I don't drink caffeine and especially now that I am 5 months pregnant.  It's just not part of my diet.  So I may brew a cup after the baby is born and see how it tastes, I can always come back and give my thoughts on it then.  But I am impressed with the claims to freshness and being packaged at the source.  If you're looking for a good cup of tea this might be just what you are looking for!  PS - if you head to the website you will see there are many varieties of tea available!  

Sensible Foods Roasted Edamame are a fantastic snack!  If you are a fan of edamame or nuts you are probably going to love these crunchy treats.  I definitely recommend this product/brand!  Check the website, dried fruits and corn round out your options for great items to pack in lunch boxes.  My kids love edamame and this would be a huge hit for all of them.  The edamame is roasted and lightly salted.  Yum!  
Jen - like
Naomi - like

You looking for something more sweet?  Try Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews. Yes they are nuts, but they are super sweet, crunchy and satisfying.  Don't like cashews?  There are also pecans, almonds and pistachios in a variety of yummy flavors!  Sweet and savory options to satisfy everyone!  

Trying to make healthier choices at the movies?  Don't want a tub full of buttered popcorn?  Maybe you can smuggle a bag of Pop Zero in with you next time you head to the theater.  You will save money and calories (Pop Zero is only 39 calories per cup!).  It also proudly boasts 0 trans fats and no cholesterol.  I will note that I didn't find it as fresh or crunchy as popcorn hot out of the popper.  And oddly enough it left behind a weird heat in my mouth - maybe the algae ingredients?  Anywho, if I can eat more popcorn during a movie and not worry about it affecting my waistline then I am for it!  There are 4 flavors available!  
Jen - thumbs up
Naomi - can I eat another bag please?  

Last but not least is Go Girl Energy Drink.  As I have mentioned in several of my posts, I don't drink energy drinks - they typically have too much caffeine and I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest much like the baby alien escapes its host body.  But for the sake of my post I took a little sip just to comment on the flavor.  This is made with Yerba Matte, if you know your tea then you know this is like crazy high in caffeine.  But the peach tea flavor had me curious.  So I took a little taste and found it to have a artificial sugar flavor, not a fan of that nor what I was expecting from agave nectar, and overly sweet.  If you like peach and caffeine and energy drinks then you will likely enjoy this.  But it was a no for me. 
Jen - no
Naomi - I didn't let her try it

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