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Londontown Lakur; Summer 2018

Good morning dears!  Sorry for radio silence but I'm off on vacation and have found little time to sit down at the laptop and get posts written up.  My days are all about pool, beach, family excursions, going out for amazing meals.  Between the heat, being on my feet and being pregnant I basically barely make it into my pjs before I crash each night.  Anyways, what I am getting at is that I have about a zillion posts to share with you now and will be trying to catch up, possibly double posting once I return home mid-week next week.  Let's get this party started with a beautiful collection from Londontown.  I first came into contact with the brand at CPNA 2016.  I was fully impressed with the brand, colors and especially the Instant Smudge Fix.  I came home with samples and have purchased from the brand multiple times since then.  I was pretty stoked when they contacted me to do a review!  I was sent nail care and a few polishes from the Summer 2018 collection to try out.  If you mosey on over to the Londontown site before 7/29 at 11:59pm EST you can save 30% off your order. Alright, you ready to jump in?  Then let's go!

*press sample*

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Here's the nail care products I received.  Nail Hardener & Base Coat, Gel Genius Top Coat and Nourishing Cuticle Oil.  I used these with each swatch and have continued to use them after with daily polish wear.  I am very much pleased with them all, great products that work well.  The base coat has helped keep my nails protected and strong and my polish long lasting!  My vacation polish has lasted 8 days before I got tired of it and started to pick at it, otherwise it was perfect!  Gel Genius is a fantastic topcoat that smooths out even the lumpish of glitter bombs.  And it really lasts and lasts...again, I feel this product contributed to my vacation mani lasting so long!  Finally we have the Nourishing Cuticle Oil, which I have never tried before.  I like that it came with a dropper cap as well as a brush, so you can decide with way works best for you.  I tried both, you get more with the brush so if you want to use the smallest amount start with the dropper.  My cuticles were left uber soft and hydrated.  They looked really healthy.  I was able to use this between swatches and it rubs in well, not leaving behind too much of an oily sheen that you sometimes see in swatches.  Thumbs up on all products.

I started each mani with the Nail Hardener & Base Coat and finished with the Gel Genius Top Coat.  Used Nourishing Cuticle Oil in between swatches.  

Let's check out the Summer 2018 set!  Some of these are unexpected Summer shades because pastels are something you'd expect more in the Spring.  But these shades work so well to compliment brighter Summer outfits and tanned skin!  Briolette is described as an iridescent lavender shade.  I enjoyed the pastel base and really liked the subtle purple shimmer.  It's very visible in the bottle but not so much on the nail, so that is a bit of a bummer.  The formula is super creamy and opaque.  Applied like a dream in 2 easy coats.  

Here's Opal!  Opal is a greyed lilac full of blue and pink shimmer.  Gorgeous color, reminds me of a rainy day.  Hey, sometimes it rains in the Summer, especially when you're on a tropical island...the sky has been this shade for a few days that I've been here on Maui.  Great formula and application again.  Only needed 2 coats, but this one was a bit more sheer and you can faintly see my nail line.  No biggie.  

This is Peach Pop and it's a super soft, pastel peach creme.  It gives me that sun-bleached vibe (and I totally love that) that is so pretty for Summer months.  I get really tan very easily so I totally enjoy seeing these lighter colors on my nails just as much as I love wearing sear-your-eyes-out neons.  I actually think this will be a fantastic pedi color!  Formula and application were both amazing, no complaints.  2 coats for full opacity.  

And last but not least we have Summer Fling.  It's a beautiful, vibrant berry shade of pink.  It's just bright enough to satiate your neon craving, but somehow has a subtle feel too.  It reminds me of all the hibiscus flowers I see around the island. The creme formula is perfection, so creamy and opaque.  I practically applied this polish with my eyes closed!  2 coats for full coverage.  

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