Sunday, July 15, 2018

Envy Lacquer + Never Enuff Polish; TIS San Francisco Duo, Boat Snack & Beyond the Reef

Morning dears!  Exciting game this morning!  Who are we rooting for, Croatia or France?  Truthfully neither are "MY" team so I am just enjoying the game. Anywho, looking through old polish I haven't swatched/shared with you and realized I didn't do anything from The Indie Shop that was in San Francisco last summer.  It was a really fun event, mermaid themed, my daughter enjoyed it as well.  I really hope they plan on coming back to the Bay Area soon!  So this was a duo available at the show, created by Envy Lacquer and Nvr Enuff, I think they actually came with a cute frosty blue shot glass but I don't remember where I put that.  They were inspired by the movie Moana.  Of course these aren't available now, but both shops have lots of gorgeous polish to pick from so head over to their sites to check them out.  

*nothing to disclose*

Envy Lacquer: Shop, Facebook, Instagram
Nvr Enuff Polish: Shop, Facebook, Instagram
The Indie Shop: Facebook, Instagram

Here is Nvr Enuff Boat Snack.  I don't know about you guys but I totally love the movie Moana and the name of this polish gave me a good laugh.  Hei Hei is the wackiest sidekick ever. So this is a sparkly teal leaning green holo with some reddish flakes (or possibly tiny glitters) mixed in.  I feel like this perfect resembles Hei Hei's feathers.  Formula and application were both lovely, built Boat Snack up well in  3 thin coats and finished with a layer of topcoat.

And now we have Envy Lacquer Beyond the Reef.  Do you guys just hear Moana singing while you look at these polishes?  I do!  Beyond the Reef is an aqua holo with what appears to be teeny tiny iridescent flakes.  I could be wrong, but to my IRL eye I can see them.  Super pretty, super ocean-like, one of those gorgeous, clear water types of ocean.  Great formula, easy application.  3 thin coats plus topcoat.  

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