Monday, October 22, 2018

Born Pretty Store: Round Stamping Leaf Design Plate

Hullo out there in nail polish land.  I am freezing my buns off at the boys practice field tonight.  I could go sit in the car but promised my daughter she could play on the playground while we wait for #1 to finish and #2 to start.  The plan is to then take #1 to a Halloween store to pick a costume because what he wants to be isn't gonna fly with me (nor do I think we will figure out the right size in a different language or will it arrive in time).  Anywho, I have a Born Pretty post to share with you and it's a lovely stamping plate that has perfect patterns for any season!  The design are great and you can just change up the colors you use to stamp with.   You can purchase this Round Stamping Plate Leaf Design SKU #40204 for $1.59!  That's like pennies to have fabulous nails, just click the link HERE to get the plate!  And don't forget you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  Let's check it out!

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I started out with a pretty thermal base from Born Pretty (you can see the post for that themal HERE). I picked a very light green to stamp with to create a super subtle, delicate look.  My impressions were that the images from the plate picked up great, no problems at all.  It also transferred to my nails easily, no problems there either.  But the polish I chose to stamp with just didn't do it for me.  It was too light and I wish it would have showed up more.  Ah well, sometimes what we envisioning our head doesn't quite translate to the nail.  A coat of BP No Smudge Topcoat finished it off with no smearing!

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