Friday, October 12, 2018

ellagee: TIS San Antonio Exclusives, The Moody Collection

Evening!  It was so nice to have the afternoon off from shutting the kids around.  My daughter ended up at a birthday party at the local park so the boys and I rode our bikes over to join them and have fun watching all the games.  I haven't been to a party with old fashioned games in a long time!  There were sack races, limbo, wheelbarrow races and 3-legged races.  The kids had so much fun, I'll have to remember those games in the future.  Well I just ate and am heading out to make a pumpkin shirt for a race I'm in this Sunday, so this will be a quickie post.  Tomorrow is The Indie Shop San Antonio.  So many of you lucky nail polish lovers are going to have a fun time.  ellagee will be there with lots of goodies to show off.  One such collection is the brand new Moody Collection, a trio-color thermal set.  Now I will put the disclaimer from Laura here for you to read: Thermal pigments are fascinating and so much fun to play with. At the same time they are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Because of the hot weather in Texas (and then to me in California) my press samples were damaged during shipping. I didn't want them to arrive to customers as anything less than intended so I've decided to make them exclusive to the San Antonio Indie Shop, where they'll be available with their full thermal effect as shown in the swatch stick photos.  I did indeed receive polishes that are affected by the heat so only a few showed transition and I only saw 2 colors at best.  With that said, this collection will be exclusive to TIS San Antonio and leftovers will make their way to the website for online shopping.  The Moody Collection will be $12 for individuals and $50 for the set.  Let's check out the polish!  

*press sample*

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First I want to show you the picture Laura provided her bloggers, showing each polish with it's 3 colors.  So they do indeed work, just be mindful that extreme temperatures will affect the pigments.

Starting off with my favorite, Bewildered.  It shows off golden yellow, burnt orange and bright orange.  It also shows off gold, copper, iridescent and holo flakes!  This one makes me think of candy corn!  I actually love candy corn plus yellow and orange are some of my favorite colors!  I used 2 coats for full coverage.  The formula can get thick so make sure to let each layer fully dry before adding the next or you could end up with lumpy polish.  I finished with topcoat.  

Melancholy is the other one that really showed any kind of color shift.  It's a thermal that shows off purple, grey and deep blue.  From my swatches I really saw more of a pink to purple, and again, only saw 2 colors.  There are also pink, gold, iridescent and holo flakes for sparkle effect.  This one was uber sheer on my - but keep in mind I also have uber white nail whites.  I used 3 coats and topcoat here.  

Giggly is another favorite of mine.  It is a vibrant bubblegum pink, reminds me of Barbie.  I got zero thermal shift here but it's supposed to showcase light pink, medium pink and a coral red shade.  It also has gold, violet, iridescent and holo flakes.  I sure wish this one worked for me because that sounds awesome.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and topcoat to finish.  

Here's Blissful, a periwinkle, purple and vivid blue trio thermal.  You can just barely see a slight color shift at my nail tips in some pics.  But other than that I saw no real thermal transition.   The formula on this one was much like Bewildered, let each layer fully dry before adding the next or you will end up with lumpy polish.  No one wants lumpy polish!  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

Last but not least is Mellow, a pink, violet and cherry pink trio thermal.  Another that makes me sad it was burnt in transit.  My IRL eyes did see a bit of that cherry shade, appeared more of a coral to me, but it didn't show up in my pictures.  This one also has pink, blue, iridescent and holo flakes.  No other issues with formula or application to mention.  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

You can ever so slightly see the darker pink at my tips here.  Slightly - just go with it!  

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