Friday, October 5, 2018

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer October Polish Pickup Exclusive: Scarlet Flame

Evening!  It's been a busy Friday for me so this is the first chance I've had to sit down and get this last post up to share with you.  I spent the week prepping you for the opening of the Polish Pickup and that happened this morning.  Have you ordered yet?  If you have that's ok, you can place another order and get a refund on shipping.  I only say this because you will probably want to purchase this vampy beauty by Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer!  Scarlet Flame is a fabulous magnetic polish that was inspired by Smaug from The Hobbit.  You have the potion to purchase this with or without a magnet, but I suggest you get the magnet, it's one of the bar magnets that is very strong and works well.  You should probably act quickly though because even though Scarlet Flame is available until 10/8, there is a 175 bottle cap (100 without magnet for $13 or 75 with magnet for $15)!  Let's delve in to the post quickly so you can make some important life decisions!  

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As I mentioned, Scarlet Flame was inspired by Smaug from The Hobbit. It's a stunning and vampy burgundy base with gold sparkles, gold and red glass flecks, and red shifting magnetic pigment!  The first thing I noticed is that the polish itself it absolutely amazing!  Such a beautiful color.  I decided to try the magnet differently than I usually do, which was vertically down the middle of my nail.  It caused a really cool cat's eye effect that was much more noticeable to my naked eye than in my pictures.  And then when I topcoated it, it seemed to loosen the magnetic effect.  But what I did end up with was a super luxurious, velvety looking finish that I haven't seen or been able to achieve before with other magnetics or even standard polishes.  I look at my nails and literally want to wrap myself in them and feel the uber softness!  So cool effect achieved and I am happy with that!  No problems with the formula or application.  Scarlet Flame was very opaque and smooth.  I used 2 coats and finished with topcoat.

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