Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fit Snack Box: October 2018

Late night post coming at'cha!  I know you don't mind, especially when it's full of tasty and healthy snacks to fill your belly!  I haven't had a Fit Snack box to share for a while, there wasn't one for September but this October box is great!  New products that I haven't tried before and others that I was excited to see return in the box.  As always, you can save 30% off your first box by clicking my link HERE.  So without further adieu, let's jump in and I'll let you know my thoughts on each snack!

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Let's start with a new to me product.  Love Grown Cinnamon Lion Loops is a toasted cereal made out of...BEANS!  I have to say I was nervous to try this one out because I am a huge cereal person and beans were a bit of a turn off.  But guess what, it tasted great!  The cinnamon was perfect, not over powering and just sweet enough.

I can't remember if I have tried Smash Pack before but I was interested to taste it.  This is a protein smoothie with 14 grams of protein and it's a great snack pre or post workout.  It's also a totally easy breakfast on the go or a snack for you or your kids.  I had Orange Peach flavor and it was very tasty - fruity, tangy and just the right amount of sweetness.  I'd definitely stash some of these in my gym bag or hydration pack while out on the trails.  

I have definitely not tried Just the Cheese before, though there have been other cheese products in Fit Snack in the past.  This one is made with 100% toasted aged cheddar.  It was delicious!  If you love cheese, you will completely enjoy this snack.  You get 2 snack bars in the package and they are crunchy, cheesy and super yummy!  I imagine if I stock up on this low carb snack I'll have to hide them from my daughter - who is the other little mouse in the house! 

I know I have tried Munk Pack before and I totally love this snack brand!  I have tried several flavors and enjoyed them all.  This time I got Coconut White Chip Macadamia, which kinda bummed me out because I am not a fan of coconut.  I will drink coconut water and milk, but I just can't deal with that weird texture of dried coconut flakes.  And that's what is in this cookie, albeit it's a very light addition of them, but my super coconut detecting taste buds found them all.  Otherwise, the cookie was nice and soft, with a sweet taste.  Oh, plus this cookie has 18 grams of protein, so another snack that will make a fantastic pre or post workout treat.  

Pasta Chips are another brand I have tried before.  They have a good selection of flavors and I think Marinara is new to me.  Pasta Chips are a baked pasta snack.  Fairly low in calorie intake plus they are much better for you than greasy potato chips.  The marinara flavor was pretty good.  Not overpoweringly tomato-y or herb-y.  Overall, a light flavor.  My kids totally love these chips and I don't feel bad about handing over a bag for them to munch on!  

I keep receiving this Vahdam Tea and I have yet to try it.  I will admit that I don't do caffeine and all the varieties I have received are the high caffeine varieties.  So I can't really speak much to the flavors or taste of these.  But I will tell you that come in single serve pyramid tea bags and because they are individually sealed you are ensured the freshest cup of tea!  There is a good amount of information on the packaging but I wish the caffeine level was included because if I knew how high or low it was I would be more apt to try one.  

RX makes delicious bars so I was very excited to try the Nut Butter.  Actually I didn't even know they  had nut butters!  So I received Vanilla Almond Butter - yum!  I love that they show you what's inside the package right on the front of the label.  But sadly I wasn't impressed with the nut butter itself.  Don't get me wrong, the flavor was great.  But the product itself was a bit of a mess.  It was hard to "knead" up the product in the package and when I went to pour it out it was so liquidy and oily. There is no way this is a pack and go type of product.  It would end up all over me if I tried to eat it while on the trails.  So I'd pass on this and stick to my go-to products similar to this.  

And last but not least we have Geo Protein Bars.  I have not tried these before and love getting to test out a new bar.  They are just so dang easy to travel with and pack in my purse or hydration pack, keep in the car, toss in a lunch box.  These are packed with 20 grams of whey protein!  WHOA!  Plus they are only made from whole foods!  But they remind me of the OG Power Bars.  If you ate those as a kid (I did between soccer games sometimes) you will know exactly what that means in terms of texture and taste.  I also felt they had a fake sugar flavor (stevia).  The sugar was a bit grainy in texture too.  So there we have it.  I'd pass on these in the future.  

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