Thursday, October 18, 2018

Alter Ego October Indie Pickup Exclusive: My Own Worst Enemy Soap

Hey hey friends!  It's been almost a week since I posted, but I've been on a tight schedule with my kids this week and trying to get everything done and frankly I am just done.  I am worn out.  I am big and lumbering and waddling and aching and in pain every time the baby moves now.  4 weeks to go and I would be very happy if it was an early L&D.  Anyways, that does not excuse me from my commitments to my blog and the lovely makers who use me to showcase their products.  Let's start off with this fun soap that will be available during the Indie Pickup, which opens up tomorrow! So the theme for the IPU is the same as it was for the PPU, Villains.  Alter Ego went with Tyler Durden from Fight Club and also make a fabulous pink polish that matches the soap!  You can see my post for the polish HERE. The soap is called My Own Worst Enemy and is the iconic pink bar of soap from the movie.  It will be available from 10/19 - 10/22 for $7.  I am not sure of the cap on this one so pay attention if you really want this one!  Let's jump in to the post!

*press sample* 

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My Own Worst Enemy is a handmade soap.  The ingredient that really catches my eye is the goat milk.  I can't recall if I have ever tried soap made with goat milk.  There is definitely a noticeable scent to the soap. It's earthy and salty.  The official description states it has galbanum, lavender, sage, cedar and patchouli.  It's possibly the patchouli I am really smelling, which I enjoy.  While the scent is fairly strong and I can smell it right now as I sit here typing and it's on a paper plate in close vicinity to me, the scent does not last long on the skin after use.

As you can see from the next 2 pictures, the soap doesn't lather very much at all.  I only got a couple bubbles, but my hands did feel clean after rinsing them off.  That would be the only issue that I think you'd need to be aware of.  So if you want soap that makes lots of luxurious and soft bubbles then this one won't be for you.  And that's about all I have to say about that.  

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