Monday, October 29, 2018

Stella Chroma November Polish Pickup Exclusive: Badass Beekeeper & Rosemary Mint Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Hey hey hey!  Sitting here in the local Starbucks having snacks with 2 of my kids while we wait for Noah to finish up his soccer practice.  It's kind of fun to do this, we bring books and homework and get shit done!!  The kids like it because then they can play at night instead of worry abut homework.  And Julian is feeling better today, less sore and less hobbly than yesterday.  And he liked wearing his slippers to school and showing off the picture of his stitches.  But let's talk about nail polish and the Polish Pickup!  It's open THIS Friday and the theme is Badass Women.  Stella Chroma picked one of the most badass women I personally know - the one and only Courtney from 6 Harts.  Badass Beekeeper will be available from 11/2-11/5 for $12 and there is no cap.  Pam typically donates a portion of proceeds to an organization that supports girls furthering education in STEM fields and will continue that by donating $1 per bottle to Girls Who Code AND a $1 donation directly to Courtney to help her with medical costs as she goes through her treatments.  There is also an amazing new Emulsified Sugar Scrub in Rosemary Mint scent - so fresh, so clean, so much like a bountiful garden!  It will be $5.50 for a 2.5oz jar, no cap.  $0.50 from each scrub will be donated to Courtney. So let's get to the post and check these products out!

*press sample*

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Alright, here's Badass Beekeeper.  If you know Courtney, you know that woman loves her bees!  She's not only a super badass beekeeper, but he's a handy woman who can fix engines and tractors and knows how to get down in the dirt to get things done! She's also fiercely protective of her own family and helps out others like they are one of her own.  These are just some of the things that maker her so amazing!  Badass Beekeeper is a dark brown holo.  It's simply stunning!  Such a gorgeous finish and it applied like a dream.  Opaque and creamy, the perfect color for a badass!  2 coats and topcoat to finish.

And here's the Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub!  As always, the scrub itself is totally amazing.  Perfect amount of grit to moisturizing oils and shea butter.  And the rosemary mint scent is very garden like.   Fresh and clean, very invigorating if used in the shower. A little scoop and some water will leave you feeling super smooth!  

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