Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HazeGlaze Gems

Today's post features Gems by indie designer Hazel from HazeGlaze.  It is a beautiful and surprisingly understated polish.  By looking at the bottle I expected in your face glitter.  But on the nail it was more like a beautifully light sprinkling of holo particles with sparse larger hex pieces.  I already had on Zoya Naomi - you can see the post for it here.  Gems is a sheer red tinted base with loads of silver, green, purple, pink and turquoise glitter hexs.  There are 2 sizes of glitter hexs and tons of micro glitter.  Over Naomi Gems turned into a lovely rosey-pink.  I think if I layered it over a pink or red it would be even more beautiful and deeper color!

I did shake the bottle heartily to make sure all the glitter mixed up well and I got a good variety on my nails.    Honestly, when I looked at my nails in the sunlight it reminded me of that nude glitter jumpsuit Britney Spears wore back in her glory days.  Of course these pics do no justice to the glitter and holo in Gems, trust me, it's a beauty.  I used 2 layers of Gems on top of Zoya Naomi.  *Sorry for the tip wear - didn't get to take pics as soon as I'd wanted to.

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