Monday, April 9, 2012

Purple Holos

I love me some holo, and I love me some purple!!  I received these Color Club holos from the Dandy-Nails blog sale (Sandy has lots of fun stuff on her sale so keep an eye out for some HTF gems!).  Today I'm wearing Wild At Heart and Fashion Addict.  I love these colors together, so pretty, so fun.  Fashion Addict is a light purple that has beautiful linear holo.  Fashion Addict is a bright, bold purple that also has a slight linear holo.  Fashion Addict is a stronger holo than Wild At Heart, but both are beautiful in their own right - actually some of the most beautiful purples I own.  I used 2 coats of each color with no top coat.  Unfortunately I had some serious chippage early in my wear time, maybe because I didn't use a top coat and was doing some heavy cleaning.  No matter, I did some quick touch up, but still didn't put a top coat because sometimes it takes away from the holo effect and from my tester it looked like it would happen with these.    Fashion Addict on ring, pinky and thumb.  Wild At Heart on pointer and middle fingers.

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