Monday, April 16, 2012

Jardin Enchante

This is a quick - from my phone post. I am wearing Jardin Enchante from Karine over China Glaze Entourage. I love it. I'm so into the bright green right now. But I'm showing you this quicky post because I don't like that the layering combo takes away from the beauty of JE. It's a fantastic flakie and I think it's magic is lost over Entourage. I will try this polish again tonight on its own and show you it's true beauty.

In the meantime here is the layered combo - 2 coats of Entourage. It was easy to apply, nice thick coats that covered well. But it has a very noticeable smell. This is the only China Glaze I own that gave off such a strong chemical smell.

I used 2 coats of Jardin Enchante. It's a lime green base with lime green flakies that flash gold and turquoise.

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