Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mermaid's Dream

When I saw promo information about this polish I literally swooned.  I enjoy Deborah Lippmann polish as much as the next girl, but I desperately needed Mermaid's Dream.  I think this is the one that made me ga-ga crazy over any polish that is turquoise or sea foam green, OR is named "mermaid.'  Once I got my jaw off the floor I began stalking it - on blogs for swatches, calling stores for release dates.  I wanted it soooo bad!  Funny thing, once it was in my possession I kept it in my un-trieds box for over a month!  What is wrong with me, why did I wait so long to wear it?  I'm so ashamed.  But I made amends and put it on this morning.  I am literally in love with it!  I think this is one I will wear all summer long!  Trips to the beach, yes.  Trips to the park, yes.  Trips to weekend mini-vacations, yes.  Trip to Hawaii, yes please!!

On to the details: Mermaid's Dream really is a dream.  It is a sea foam green base that is foil-y looking.  There are small turquoise glitter pieces and micro-glitter that flashes silver and gold.  The overall look is a beautiful shiny and sparkly nail - what I imagine a mermaid tail would look like. I used 2 coats, be generous with your coats - a little does not go a long way.  I did not use a top coat.  I like the texture showing through and a top coat would likely have taken away from it.  After wearing for a day tiny spots on the tips of my nails started to chip - maybe because I didn't put on a top coat.  No matter, I still LOVE this polish.  I probably could have used one more coat as I can see a few teeny places where my nail is showing through.  In real life it's not noticeable.

I present to you Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream…insert applause here.