Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tropical Sun

Tropical Sun is one of the new beauties recently added to the Models Own Beetlejuice collection.  It's the first MO polish I have purchased or tried (I got the set of 6 that includes 2 from the original Beetlejuice collection, the 3 Spring/Summer colors and the 3 in 1 base/topcoat).  On with the review!

Tropical Sun is perfect for the summer.  It's a shimmer, glowy coral/pink/orange color.  Does that make sense?  No?  Ok, the base is shimmery.  It has tiny flecks of sliver micro glitter.  Like the others from Beetlejuice, it is a duo-chrome polish, meaning it flashes different colors in different light and with movement.  In some light it looks coral/orange, then flashes gold.  Sometimes I see a pink color too!  

The only problems I noticed were 1. it's thin.  Even after 3 coats I can still slightly see my nail line.  2. this is the first polish I have worn that made bubbles.  I hear of bubbles forming often enough, but this is my first time actually seeing it happen.  It was so strange - like hives forming on skin.  After a layer of top coat the bubbles disappeared, except for my right thumb which got them the worst.  You can see some of the bubbles in the pictures, but in real life they are almost invisible.  

Despite those 2 issues, I really like Tropical Sun and think you should give it a try!  It's absolutely perfect for summer and will look fantastic on tan skin.  Vacation to Hawaii mayhaps?  You can buy Tropical Sun on the Models Own website here

PS - You like how I used the roses in my front yard as a backdrop?  They match the nail polish!

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