Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FNUG Hipster, Look A Like & Goodie Bag

Good afternoon.  I just got home from running errands and picking up the boys from school so now I'm at home under a blanket enjoying the soft warming of my central heating.  Dang it's cold out today!  Brrrrr.  Ok, yeah I'm a Cali girl so my cold is wimpy compared to some of your cold.  Well let's not talk about weather, let's talk about polish.  I have never tried FNUG before but know they have a pretty large line of polish!  I am particularly intrigued in their holos.  But today I have some cremes and a matte to share!  FNUG is a Danish brand started by Charlotte Fnug Munksgaard, a gal who was not really allowed to wear polish in her youth.  No faster way to get a girl to do something than to tell her she can't!  Well she's built quite the polish empire!  You can check out all the colors and finishes at fnug.com and if you are a US gal there is a small selection available at Llarowe.  Llarowe is also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  FNUG is on Facebook and Instagram.


This lovely green creme is Hipster.  Hipster is a great grassy green color with a really nice formula. It was almost a one coater!  To ensure I didn't have any patches for the pictures I used 2 coats.  Application was great.  Hipster was also very glossy!  I did not use topcoat in the pictures below.    

Goodie Bag (cute name right?) is a sunshine yellow creme.  I love how bright the color is on Goodie Bag.  It's one of those colors that just makes you smile.  But I did have streaking issues here and needed 3 coats to level it all out.  I didn't use topcoat on Goodie Bag and just look how shiny it is!  

This is the only non-creme in the bunch.  Look A Like is a fuchsia matte.  Almost a semi-matte or a rubbery finish.  It's a very pretty color and finish but I had some issues with the formula.  It was very thin, almost like applying water.  It's also very sheer and patchy, 4 coats later and I can still see my nail line.  I did not use topcoat.  

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  1. the yellow makes you look so tanned!! my favourite is the green! shame about the formula issues you had :(