Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Mani with China Glaze Glistening Snow and Colors by Llarowe The Devil Wears Polish

Ahhhh, you smell that?  It's Winter,  it's finally cooling down, the Christmas decorations have officially come up from the basement and it's time to have a schedule packed full of holiday things to do with the family.  Now if only my dern kitchen would be up and running...I want to bake Christmas cookies and cakes and pies!  Well today we had our annual family portrait day.  We got all dressed up, the kids wore red Leo and I wore black.  Everyone looked great.  You get to see the pretty nails I did, not that they will show up in the pictures but I will know they looked pretty (and now so will you).

I started this off with China Glaze Glistening Snow.  Glistening Snow is a silvery holo glitter that builds up to opacity on it's own.  It's very sparkly and perfect!  I love it.  I used 3 coats.  The formula was really smooth flowing and applied easily.  The glitter spread nicely and didn't clump or glob up anywhere.  It was a little topcoat thirsty so I ended up using 2 coats and could have used another.  I then used Colors by Llarowe The Devil Wear Polish (I know - again!  I love this color!).  The Devil Wears Polish is a stunning red crelly that's full of red holo and iridescent magenta sparkles.  You can see my recent post on The Devil Wears Polish HERE.  I used 2 coats and when they were fully dry I applied a cute sparkly snowflake decal...adorable!  I used 2 layers of topcoat on my accent nails to ensure the decals stayed on.  


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