Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Uber Girly mani with Lumina Lacquer All Tied Up, Color Club Miss Bliss and Zoya Trixie

Morning *singsong voice*!  I've been doing alot of winter and blue manis.  Well I needed a change.  So I slapped a super girly, pink mani on and I am loving it!  It's nice to change things up don't you think?  Well this is has a very princess feel and I actually got alot of compliments on it!  I used Lumina Lacquer, Essie, Color Club and Zoya to create this skittlette.

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I started with 2 coats of Essie Marshmallow, a sheer, jelly white polish.  I used it on my index and middle fingers.  I topped Essie Marshmallow with Lumina Lacquer All Tied Up.  I adore this polish!  It's so girly but a glitter polish you could wear year round.  It's full of pink and silver glitter in hexs, circles and bows!  That's right - BOWS!  Satin white, satin pink, metallic fuchsia and holo silver!  This polish had a great formula with very easy application.  Plenty of bows and large holo circles came out without any fishing and all the glitter laid flat on my nails.  I applied 2 coats of All Tied Up.  I used Color Club Miss Bliss on my ring and pinky nails.  Whoa the bright rose pink holo is amazing!  One of the strongest and brightest linear holos I've used.  Another great formula here.  I used 2 coats of Miss Bliss for complete coverage.  Finally I used Zoya Trixie, a metallic silver polish on my thumb as a fun accent to tie in all the colors used in this mani.  Trixie had a lovely formula with a beautiful finish.  I used 2 coats of Trixie.  I added a silver bow charm to accent my ring finger nail using a small dab of nail glue.  I only used topcoat on my glitter nails.  

*I apologize for no macros, I thought I had transferred them and it turns out I didn't...and then I deleted them all before I realized my mistake.  Sad panda.  

*indoor pictures*

*sunshine pictures* 

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  1. So pretty! Perfect princess nails, haha.

  2. Cute nails! And you should try using something like Picasa on your computer which lets you know if you've already copied a photo to your computer so you won't accidentally delete photos.

  3. i wish i had the lumina to recreate this! its so gorgeous and just my style! i agree on the color club holos being fantastic!