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CosmoProf North America 2014 - American International Industries (China Glaze)

American International Industries was a huge player at CosmoProf.  Their "booth" was more like a block and was packed full of amazing products from some of their most recognizable lines.  I actually had an appointment with this booth (shocking that we could just walk up to other booths and have someone set aside time to talk with us right then and there) and it was very informative and I won't lie, exciting!  I saw many things that I can't share with you but there was plenty that I can and here it all is.  I started out at the lash bar and got hooked up with some pretty fakies.   The brand used was Ardell.  

I heard a little about Gelaze, the China Glaze gel line.  If you haven't heard of Gelaze it's a 2 in 1 with color base and gel formula.  The base coat is built into the color.  You only need 2 coats to reach maximum color payoff and then use the Gelaze topcoat.  You do need to use a UV or LED light to cure the gel.  There are 33 shades of Gelaze and 2 bottle sizes to choose from.  There will be 23 new shades released in early 2015.  

New to the China Glaze family, Ever Glaze is a weekly polish system that sits somewhere between the gel and lacquer line.  Ever Glaze has it's own "prep" which you use on your clean and naked nails to prepare them for the polish. The lacquer has built in base coat and in 2 coats you will achieve the bottle color.  You then use the special Ever Glaze topcoat which hardens in light, and I mean any kind of light - sunlight, office light, bright or dull lighting.  To remove Ever Glaze there is no soaking needed, simply wipe off with acetone.  Ever Glaze will have 36 shades and is launghing in early 2015.  Each bottle will run about $10.

Then we delved into upcoming China Glaze collection.  The Giver collection will be available on July 15th.  It's a limited edition collection that can be found at Sally's and Ulta.  It will only be available for 1 year.  

All Aboard is the fall set for the year.  It consists of 12 new shades in creme, glitter and aluminum finishes.  This collection is full of rich, dark, deep shades that were inspired by the fashion runways.  All Aboard releases in September.  

Pop Top comes out in August and is a re-promote of 6 of China Glaze's best selling glitters.  Take a look at the names, you likely have most of these.  Pop Top is being released with 2 core shades ( I believe a white and red) to wear under the glitters. 

Celebrate Courage is the Breast Cancer Awareness collection and is 3 re-promotes and 3 new and fabulous matte/velvet colors.  They feel very velvety to the touch.  There will also be a 4 pack set to purchase and it will include a bottle of Matte Magic, the China Glaze matte topcoat.  I am smitten with the 3 new colors and look forward to their release in October. 

Everyone's favorite seasonal collection from China Glaze - Halloween!  Their 2014 Halloween set is called Apocalypse Of Colour and it consists of 5 new shades and the re-release of the always popular Ghoulish Glow.  In this set you will find glitter toppers and some lightly textured polishes.  There will also be a 4 piece set which will include Ghoulish Glow.  Apocalypse In Colour will launch on October 1st. 

China Glaze has also been releasing some awesome kits (you may have noticed these at Sally's already).  They have done this in the past with their Obmre sets, but the difference here is the kits include everything you need to recreate a specific look (for instance a mixing cup and orange wood stick for blending).  Here are some of the kits available now.  

Another popular seasonal selection from China Glaze is their holiday offering.  Twinkle is a pretty fabulous collection full of rich and vampy colors, as well as glittery finishes.  This 12 piece set will hit stores in November.  Of course there will be gift sets available and the gifts include a compact, coin purse or mini flashlight.   There will also be nail art sets available with this collection, again providing all the tools needed to recreate specific looks.  

Another polish brand in the American International Industries family is Seche.  Seche is mostly known for the ever popular Seche Vite topcoat - which has won it's 17th year in a row as the best topcoat in the In Style magazine Best Beauty Buy selection.   But Seche has expanded to colored lacquers including seasonal and core lines.  Seche is touted as a 1 coat lacquer and that alone should get your polish loving heatbeat going.  These colors are classy, simple and sophisticated.  Definitely a brand worth checking out.

Another brand at the AII block that I felt my readers would be interested in was Gena Spa.  The product line here smells fresh and light and the product offering is quite large.  Gena Spa has updated their packaging to be more current and draw in the shoppers eye.  Gena Spa specializes in manicure and pedicure prep and care.  Here you will find creams, lotions, cuticle care, scrubs, etc.  This spa line uses a beauty oil, which is an aragan oil complex.  You can find Gena Spa at Sally's. 

Mani Spa Hydrating Cuticle Gel (YES GEL!) has a great formula that stays where you put it.  You can leave the glob of gel or you can rub it in.  It works great either way and smells fabulous.  This fantastic product is only $4.95!

Mani Spa Gentle Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is one of the nicest scrubs I have seen.  It has a creamy consistency that is full of finely granulated sugar.  You are not only giving your hands a nice scrub but you are also moisturizing them.  This product is $8.95.

Nail Brite is a brightening scrub that you can use in between manis to lift yellowing (and other color) stains off your nails.  I don't have the price point for this product. 

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