Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer of Untrieds Day 30: Thermal

Good morning.  Today's theme and polish make me really happy so I couldn't wait to share day 30 of the Summer of Untrieds challenge with you!  I kinda love this theme and this polish.  Ok I love it a lot!  The theme was thermal and I tried out one of the new polishes I received as a sample from a CPNA (CosmoProf North America) after party!  I have never tried Jaded Nail Co before but I was very happy with this polish so you can bet I'll be perusing her shop and adding to my wish list!  You should head over and browse around too!  The great news is that while this was a CPNA exclusive, it looks like Jaded Nail Co will be releasing a very limited supply of these!  Keep an eye on her Facebook page for details on that sale date!


Jaded Nail Co: Shop, Facebook, Instagram

Vegas Heat is a totally gorgeous coral-hot pink polish with loads of gold and purple shimmer.  This shade is it's warm state.  I had to cheat a little and dip my tips into a bowl of ice cold water to get it to change to the cold state (hey, it was 90 degrees out!) So after a little ice bath my tips turned into a bright red-orange shade with the same shimmer showing through.  WOW - I am enamored with both colors in Vegas Heat!  They truly are hot and capture the fun, bright Vegas vibe!  The formula was a tad sheer so I used 3 coats for full coverage.  I also found that Vegas Heat dried a little gritty but 1 layer of topcoat smoothed everything out perfectly.  

*warm state*

*cold shade*

*Here you can see both colors - hot pink with red-orange tips*

*edit* I recently found out that Vegas Heat is a glow in the dark polish as well!  That ingredient would have caused the tiny bit of grittiness. Here's a pic of the glowy goodness!  

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