Saturday, July 19, 2014

Press Release: Zoya Naturel Deux

Zoya is back with an new set to compliment the Spring Naturel collection, called the Nautrel Deux collection!  I personally love the original Naturel set and am very excited to see how the new colors.  Let's see what Zoya has to say about this gorgeous new collection...

Inspired by the desire to expand the popular neutral pallete of the Zoya Naturel collectionm six (6) NEW, full-coverage creams in deeper hues were born.  

Perfect as every day go-to colors, the Zoya NATUREL DEUX (2) collection bridges the transitional gap between late summer/ealy fall 2014 with three, rich brown family shades and three plum based beauties.  All in the long-wearing, BIG5FREE formula Zoya is known for!

Spencer: Camel cream, full coverage formula
Chanelle: Toasted almond, full coverage formula
Emilia: Dark chocolate, full coverage formula
Marnie: Deep warm plum, full coverage formula
Aubrey: Medium mauve cream, full coverage formula
Madeline: Muted rose, full coverage formula

Collection Pre-order starts July 21, 2014.  $9 (US) each.  

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