Thursday, July 10, 2014

Too Fancy Lacquer Call Me Queen Bee

Good afternoon!  It's getting so hot here I feel like I'm melting.  I will be in Vegas this coming weekend so if I don't melt before then I surely will while there because it's supposed to be 105.  Umphf.  Oh well, I will sit at the pool and drink pina coladas, poor me.  But I digress, let's talk about polish.  I have a special post today for a lovely friend who was in need of moral support.  The funny part is that she absolutely loathes yellow polish, yet to keep a light and fun and a little teasing, yellow was the color chosen.  Let's take a look at the polish I chose to help cheer up my pal.

I personally love yellow polish and Call Me Queen Bee is a gorgeous golden yellow holo polish.  It actually site somewhere between a pastel yellow creamed honey and a dijon mustard color.  Yeah, it won't be for everyone but it is definitely for me.  And it's totally unique in my stash of yellow holos.  Call Me Queen Bee had an amazing formula and application.  It was completely creamy and opaque in 1 coat (yup, this beauty is a ONE COATER!).  I did not use topcoat for my pictures.  So what do you think? This this yellow holo for you?  

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