Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer of Untrieds Day 22: Teal

Le sigh...another late night post from me.  So sorry.  With the kids home and swim lessons and camp and everything else going on I am one crazy busy mama.  But I'm giving it my best college try to keep up with my regular posts and the summer challenge.  Tonight brings day 22 - teal!  I love teal, such a pretty and hard to place color.  Sometimes it leans bluer, others more green.  No matter what helmer drawer you put your teals in it's a color that's high on my love list.  Don't forget you can join the untried challenge by posting your picture on Facebook or Instagram with #summerofuntrieds, #julyuntriedchallenge and #wishesofablueeyedgirl. 

This is Bear Pawlish Dance Magic.  Dance Magic is a teal linear holo with some gold shimmer.  The color is absolutely amazing and the holo effect is pretty strong.  Of course I love Dance Magic is named for a scene in Labyrinth (more on that later).  Dance Magic had a great formula and smooth application.  It covered completely in 2 coats with no issues.  I didn't use topcoat.  

I can't help but tap my toes and reminisce about David Bowie dancing around all the goblin muppets singing Dance Magic.  If you haven't seen Labyrinth you need to NOW.  And just because I want to share, here is the link to the Dance Magic scene in Labyrinth.  One of the best movies ever.  By the way, David Bowie is my boyfriend.   

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