Thursday, August 23, 2018

Alter Ego Polish of the Month; Space Octopus

Evening friends!  Hope your Thursday was spiffy!  My kids are officially all back in school and I took the opportunity to grab coffee with friends and shop for new clothes for my rapidly growing baby belly.  Then I realized I have failed on sharing this awesome Polish of the Month available over at Alter Ego.  Cynthia is going to have new monthly polishes along with her contributions to already existing groups such as PPU.  I have to say that if the August polish is any indication of what's to come I am excited!  Space Octopus is a fun polish with a funny name!  This is an LE polish so once it runs out it's gone.  You can still purchase Space Octopus now for $9.50!  Let's check out this awesome polish.

*press sample*

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I am not positive about the name behind this polish, but I have to admit the mental image of an actual Space Octopus makes me giggle.  Is it a funny name for a real thing?  Is it a made up thing like a Sharknado?  I have no idea, you can google it if it'll keep you up at night.  Space Octopus is a deep navy jelly full of silver holo glitters.  Definitely makes me thing of deep space (at least what I've seen from Discovery Channel).  Love how the holo pops against the dark base, very pretty.  Perfect color for the upcoming Fall.  Application was good.  I found the first layer to be very sheer and I ended up  using 3 thin coats for full coverage.  1 layer of topcoat for a smooth to the touch finish.

Pretty cool that you can see all the glitters in the macro!  Silver holo squares and blue micro glitter!  Beautiful!  

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