Thursday, August 2, 2018

Stella Chroma August Polish Pick Up Exclusives: Poppies! and Emulsified Sugar Scrub Poppies

Good morning again!  Are you tired of me and my double posting ways yet?  I swear sometimes the PPU just creeps up on me and I'm a crazy person trying to share everything in time!  But I've just about got them all shared now!  As I've mentioned before in my last few posts, the Polish Pickup theme for August is Musicals.  It's such a wide net cast to cover all musicals and movies with music in them and all that I've seen so far has been great!  Stella Chroma picked The Wizard of Oz, a movie I grew up watching and singing songs to.  Total classic!  Poppies! is a nod to the scene in the poppy field in the movie.  Poppies! will be available from 8/3 - 8/6 for $12, no cap.  There is also an Emulsified Sugar Scrub with the same name, Poppies! available.  You can pick up a 2.5oz jar for $5.50.  Let's head in to the post and check it out. 

*press sample*

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Guuuuh, you guys!  This polish is GORGEOUS!  Poppies! is a gorgeous sky blue shade full of iridescent flakes and pink/blue shimmer.  It perfectly represents that blue sky in the scene when Dorothy makes it to the poppy fields just before reaching Oz.  The flakes and shimmer in this are just stunning!  Formula and application were both great.  I used 3 thin coats and finished up with a layer of topcoat.  



And now the Emulsified Sugar Scrub Poppies.  This is a hard scent to describe.  The official description is that it mimics the Poppies perfume from Coach.  I haven't ever smelled that perfume so I can't say wether or not the scent is close.  I will say that this is a very floral scented scrub, definitely the most perfume-y scrub Stella Chroma has come up with to date.  It's not overdone or overpowering  to me though.  

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