Saturday, August 11, 2018

Beauty Big Bang: Aurora Chameleon Flakes #J7406-1C

Good morning to you!  I slept in after a slightly restless night and getting up late felt good.  We are down to a week and a half before school starts and 2 weekends before I'm a slave to soccer games.  So I am going to kick back and enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend.  What plans do you have?  I have a few things to catch up on so might be posting a few times over the weekend, I'm sure you don't mind.  I'll start it off with my last post for my Beauty Big Bang package, another gorgeous flakie nail powder!  This one is the Aurora Chameleon Flakes, there are 3 shades available and I went with the blue/green combo.  You can pick up the Aurora Chameleon Flakes, SKU J7406-1C or the other 2 for $4.99 each using the link HERE.  Save 10% using my code Obsession.  

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Just like with the Mermaid Chameleon Flakes, the Aurora Chameleon Flakes come in a 0.2g jar with 2 applicators, all fit nicely in a tiny zip lock baggie.  Keep the little baggie because its a great place to keep the flakie powder after use so it doesn't accidentally get spilled everywhere.  The flakies themselves are a blue, green, violet shifty mixture with some holo sparkles.  I started with a black base (and yellow stopper and UNT) and gently rubbed in the flakies using the applicator.  The flakies applied so easily and covered my nails well.  I had no problem with anything sticking up or off my nails.  These flakie powders are an easy way to get super fabulous nails that everyone will notice!



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