Friday, August 3, 2018

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer August Polish Pickup Exclusive: It's Good

Afternoon!  It's time!  PPU is OPEN!  Have you shopped yet?  If not, I have one more polish offering to interest you.  Just one more quick run through, the theme for August is Musicals so any type of movie, cartoon or live show that has singing worked.  BEGL went with the movie Enchanted, a very interesting and fun take on the whole princess theme that most Disney movies are based around.  I haven't seen it in a while, but I do remember that I enjoy the movie and the songs.  It's Good will be available starting NOW until 8/6 for $12, no cap.  Let's jump in quick so you can finish shopping!

*press sample*

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Here's It's Good, inspired by Enchanted.  The official description is a candy apple red full of green shimmer and shifty purple shimmer.  My personal description is a red-coral shade (like lots of coral jewelry) with pinkish shimmer.  At least that's what my eyeballs see.  However you see it, it's a gorgeous shade that is such a perfect transitional color for Summer to Fall.  Formula and application were both lovely, 3 thin coats to build it up with very little VNL.  Finished with topcoat for an extra shiny finish.


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