Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Beauty Big Bang Mermaid Chameleon Flakes #J7420 - 4C

Evening!  I promise I didn't go in to hiding.  I just haven't been feeling the best this week.  I can't seem to drift off to sleep, then when i finally do I wake up several times a night.  Just going through an uncomfortable phase I guess, hopefully it passes in the next week or so.  Otherwise I am going to be one tired, cranky mommy when #4 arrives.  But tonight I'm working on the old blog, swatches and fun nail polish stuff!  So I've had some awesome products for Beauty Big Bang for some time and am getting around to sharing them now.  I have 3 items, so let's get started with these fantastical Mermaid Chameleon Flakes!  These are amazing and come in 8 glitter shades for your enjoyment.  You can purchase this or any of the others Mermaid Flakes now for $4.99 USD with this direct link HERE.  Don't forget you can use my code Obsession for 10% off your order!  

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The Mermaid Chameleon Flakes is a 0.5g jar that comes in a nice little zip lock style pouch and 2 applicators.   It's a gorgeous blend of all sizes of flakes and holo sparkles.  I see green, blue, purple and some fuchsia-red.  I applied the flakes using the eyeshadow applicators included and rubbed them in over a black base.  The back really showed off the colors but you can use any shade as a base.  I bet these would look equally awesome over white!



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