Thursday, June 21, 2018

Alter Ego; Ego Maniacs Group Custom, Champagne Taste, Beer Budget

Morning dears!  My Thursday started off great!  Why you ask?  Because I had to be out early for an appointment and ended up in the neighborhood of the BEST donut shop in the area, Stan's Donuts!  This place makes all kinds of donuts but what they're known for is cranking out hot, glazed donuts that literally melt in your mouth.  Mmmmmm.  Now that that very useful information is out of the way let's talk about nail polish.  Alter Ego has a very pretty new polish coming out soon.  It's a fantastical lime green loaded with a UP-esque shimmer.  Champagne Taste, Beer Budget will only be available to members of the Alter Ego Maniacs fan group on Facebook.  I don't know the exact price, I don't know if it's LE, but I do know it will be available on 7/6!  So let's jump in and check it out.

*press sample*

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Champagne Taste, Beer Budget was literally my life in college.  I wanted to be fancy AF but spent most of my time drinking Natty Ice.  I definitely appreciate the more expensive alcohols now though so I'll chalk it up to a growing experience.  This is a beautiful lime green polish with a great UP-like shimmery pigment.  As you can see, the polish itself it very sheer.  I ended up using 4 coats and it in no way comes close to covering up my nail line.  I know if I had started with a base color (white or a matching lime green) it would have been completely fine, but I wanted to show the polish in it's true form.  My final thoughts are that overall it's a total beauty, but I will use a base color next time I wear it.  4 coats used and finished with topcoat.

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