Tuesday, June 19, 2018

LeChat Dare to Wear; Spectra Holos Collection (Partial Review)

Good morning beauties!  Hope your Tuesday is going swimmingly!  I am enjoying the Summer already, sleeping in, lounging about in pj's all mooning, watching the World Cup games!  So while I sit here and enjoy the beautiful game I thought I'd drop a post for ya!  Haven't had a chance to do so since last week because I headed out on a weekend trip to Vancouver, WA for a family wedding.  Now I'm back to playing catchup.  Today I have a partial review of the LeChat Spectra Holos for you!  These are a gorgeous collection of linear holos that give off that amazing holo flame that we have all grown to love!  The Spectra Holo Collection is a 12-piece collection, I was sent 6 but Gemini broke in transit thus I only have 5 to show you today.  I would love to get my hands of the remaining 7 because they are really beautiful and unique shades too.  You'll be able to purchase the Spectra Holos for $11.95 each on the LeChat site.  They are available now!  Let's jump in and check them out.

*press sample*

Starting the holo party off with a gorgeous yellow called Shooting Stars.  Loving this cheerful shade and uber linear holo finish.  I was very pleased with the formula, applied smooth and covered well in 3 thin coats.  Completely covered up my nail line.  No topcoat.  

What I really like about LeChat is that they are great about throwing unusual colors into their collections (I'm looking at you Bohemia from the new Indie Fest Summer Collection HERE).  I feel Asteroid is that shade for the Spectra Holo collection.  I can't give praise enough for including a fantastic brown to each collection, such an underrated color!  Asteroid is a stunning caramel brown shade in that eye catching linear holo finish.  Great formula and application, no problems.  3 thin coats and no topcoat.  

Here we have Mars!  This burnt red-orange linear holo perfectly depicts what I see in my mind when I think of The Red Planet.  A little dusty, a little burnt, a little red a little orange.  Job well done here LeChat! Plus, how gorgeous is this color??  Great sun scorched shade for the Summer and a rich tone for the Fall.  Awesome formula and application, no problems. 3 thin coats, no topcoat.  

Nene is one of my favorites, even though it's not the most unique of the group.  It's a super fun lime green linear holo.  Do I really need to say anything more about this?  It's dang near a neon so you know it's going to be totally perfect for the Summer months!  No complaints about formula or application, all was fab.  3 thin coats, no topcoat.  

Finally we have come to Aurora.  I know, hands down, this is going to be the heartthrob.  This is the kind of shade that polish lovers go ga-ga over.  And why wouldn't we??  Deep berry-purple linear holo.  100% gorgeous.  Same nice formula as all the others, only needed 3 then coats for total opacity.  Actually, Aurora only needed 2 coats, but I went ahead and used a third.  No topcoat needed.  

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