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Fit Snack Box; April 2018

Good morning again!  Today is my kids last day of school.  I'll be out and about most of the day trying to get things done and attending grade level"graduation" parties, but before any of that happens I want to drop another Fit Snack post with you.  I hadn't realized how much my kids missed helping me with the taste testing portion of these boxes.  And I'm so grateful that they are all willing to try new snacks and for the most part enjoy them!  It gives me healthier ideas for their lunch boxes and after school snacks.  So as I mentioned in my last Fit Snack post, I had been on a hiatus due to morning sickness, and have a few months of boxes to catch up on.  Today I have the April box!  Keep in mind, the box you order will have different products in it, but I always share the company link so you can purchase products individually if you want to try them.  As always, you can subscribe to Fit Snack with a $3 discount using my link HERE!  Time for snacks!

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Here's a snack that I have tried before a few times.  Saffron Road Lentil Crackers in the cracked pepper flavor.  These are crisp an crunchy and have a fairly strong pepper flavor.  This has a good amount of protein and is plant based.  Though it does have whey, milk and cream listed in the ingredients and I'm not 100% positive, but I don't think those are part of a plant based diet.  I liked these, but the flavor was too peppery for Naomi (my 6 year old).

Rise Buddy is another snack that I have tried many times with previous boxes. I believe I have tried all the flavors except for sour cream & onion.  These crackers are a huge hit with my kids, the flavors are right on and the crackers are good and crunchy.  Pizza is defiantly my kids' favorite flavor.  It really does taste like pizza!  The selling points are these are baked, gluten-free and made with brown rice.  Thumbs up from both me and Naomi.  

I've also tried Hippeas before.  These remind me of Cheetos, but the healthy version.  They may be a bit more for an adult taste as my kid who normally loves pirate booty and cheese flavored chips, didn't love these.  She did eat them, but it wasn't love at first bite.  Hippeas are made out of chickpeas and flavor!  That's about it!  Naomi and I both liked this snack.

No Cow Protein Cookie is new to me!  I was excited to try it out.  I have a friend who has gone plant based diet so I have been reading my labels (not that I too want to go plant based, just because I am curious what she can actually eat).  No Cow definitely seems like something she'd be able to eat.  It touts; no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no gmo.  Plus it's got 13g of protein and only 1g of sugar.  That's a pretty good snack!  No Cow Peanut Butter cookie had a nice flavor, sweet, nutty, delicious.  Thumbs up from me and Naomi.  

Medi Weightloss sent 2 products for me to try.  I haven't heard of this brand before but I wish I had because both of these snacks were yummy.  Medi Weightloss appears to be a diet plan program with snacks and shakes and meals.  The first snack I tried was the Classic Marshmallow Crips just like a rice krispy treat.  But it has this delicious icing on the top that.  Very yum.  It's only 100 calories, 11f of protein and 6g of fiber.  Naomi and I both liked this treat! 

The other snack I received from Medi Weightloss is the Chocolate Protein Bar.  Though it's tiny, it was very tasty.  Sweet, chocolatey with a bit of a fudgey, caramely top with nuts.  It's another 100 calorie snack and it will defiantly satisfy your chocolate craving. Kind of felt like eating a brownie bar. Happy, chocolate smiles from me and Naomi.  

Amsety Bar is a brand I have experience with from previous boxes.  I have tried both the chocolate and peanut butter flavors.  Amsety promotes liver health!  Naomi and I both tried them and agreed that the chocolate was the superior flavor.  Peanut butter was more chalky and less sweet.  

Detox Organics is a plant based nutrition drink.  It's energizing and detoxifying.  Organic, vegan, soy-free, diary-free, gluten friendly...this will make lots of restrictive diets happy!  I followed the directions and mixed 10 ounces of almond milk with the mix and shook it up well.  This had a very earthy flavor, not really chocolatey, not super sweet.  I wasn't a fan of the after taste, neither was Naomi.  

Last but not least is Fizzique, a sparkling protein water.  This one was pomegranate flavored.  Fizzique is meant to satisfy hunger between meals so you eat less at meal time.  It has a nice bubbly finish, not overly bubbly that you can't take a good swig.  I liked the flavor, not too sweet but satisfying.  The only think I didn't like was the after taste.  But hey...20 grams of protein in one drink!  That's a huge amount of protein!  This will be a great post workout drink.  Just for the high protein count I would look past the after taste, which is an artificial sweetener flavor.  Naomi didn't care for the drink.  

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