Monday, June 4, 2018

Alter Ego: Velocirapture Collection

Good morning!  Are you guys fans of dinosaurs?  Maybe a bit obsessed with the JP movies?  I will admit that I am hugely obsessed with these movies, I will literally watch them again and again even thought I have seen them all over a hundred times.  Ever since I was in Kindergarten I have been fascinated with dinosaurs and it never died out, even in to my adult hood.  #dinonerd and proud!  Alter Ego's fan group had a naming game, fun quotes from the first movie and along came the Velocirapture Collection!  I can rattle off a ton more memorable quotes from this (or any of the movies in the series) but I am really happy one of my names made it and I'll share it with you when I get to it.  The Velocirapture Collection will debut at the Indie Expo Canada this weekend (6/9 - 6/10) and then online on the 10th.  These will be available in minis and full sizes.  Minis will be $4.75 each, $20 for the collection.  Full size will be $9.50 each, $47.50 for the collection.  Perfect timing for some great dinosaur inspired nails and art for the upcoming Jurassic World movie.  Ok, let's check out the collection!  

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If you've seen this movie a handful of times you will know each of these scenes immediately.  Let's start off with Women Inherit the World.  It's a pink leaning coral full of a chrome-like shimmer, giving it a metallic finish.  Love this color, great for the Summer months and the finish is really unique.  I only needed 2 coats for full coverage and finished up with a layer to topcoat.  

Forever In Amber is a gorgeous marigold shade with that awesome metallic-chrome finish.  #1 I am in LOVE with this color, it is fantastical!  #2 the finish works so well with it and makes it a perfect yellow to wear - no problems what so ever with formula or finish. 2 coats used and a layer of topcoat.  

Nice Boy is a super pretty lilac in that same metallic chrome finish.  This one really shows off the finish and gives an almost mirror shine.  Really dig the way it looks!  Again, perfect formula and application.  Zero problems.  2 coats plus topcoat.  

I wish every collection had a fabulous brown, it's such an underrated color.  Clever Girl is a great, medium toned brown, reminiscent of a coffee or milk chocolate color.  Again, that awesome metallic chrome finish to make it extra special.  Great formula and application.  2 coats and finished with topcoat.  

And last but not least is Hold Onto Your Butts.  This one is my favorite...because I named it!  I love that scene in JP!  It's a dark denim blue with the silver metallic chrome shimmer giving it a nice shiny finish.  Awesome formula, awesome application.  2 coats for full coverage and I finished with a layer of topcoat.  

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