Saturday, June 2, 2018

Zoya; Bridal Bliss Collection, Wedding Season

Evening beauties!  Can you believe it's June already!?  Summer is literally here and I am so happy, especially because I just got a new bikini and it's so comfy!  I think I'll wear it at the beach tomorrow!  While Summer is all about vacation, beach, pool, BBQ vibes, I think it's also wedding season.  So I held off on sharing the Zoya Bridal Bliss Collection until now because it made more sense to me (I don't know many people that get married in the Spring - the weather is so unpredictable).  So here are the 12 soft/pastel shades that make up the Bridal Bliss Collection.  They are all quite pretty and can be used in many ways, even for art.  But they are also perfect for a neutral, less noticeable mani, because you want people looking at your ring, not your nails!  You can purchase any of these now for  $10 each.  Let's check them out. 

*press sample*

Brighton is one of my favorites in this collection.  It's a soft, sparkly nude gold with just a touch of holo.  I did find it applied a bit patchy, if you ever tried the old Layla holos and how those pulled bald spots, it was like that but not as bad.  And I could see the patches more with my naked eye than in pictures.  I used 3 coats and finished with topcoat.

McKenna is a shimmery almond shade.  I feel it's a bit too stark for me, and too shimmery, but I know it will be the perfect mani shade for someone else.  Formula and application were both great, nice and creamy.  Full coverage in 2 coats, no topcoat.  

Chantal reminds me of vanilla pudding, isn't that a weird thing to compare it to?  But color wise it's totally a pudding shade.  It has a perfect creme finish, no issues at all with formula or application.  2 coats, no topcoat.  

Loretta is a completely sheer shade.  It has a slight beige finish but it shows up as nothing on my nails.  If you have absolutely gorgeous nails and want to show them off then you defiantly want to use a shade like this!  1 coat, no topcoat.  

Erika is another favorite of mine.  It's a pale pink with loads of gold shimmer.  Super pretty, but not overdone.  Like a perfect wedding dress!  Great formula and application.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

Bela is another very sheer polish, but this one has a pink finish.  I prefer this one to Loretta because of the soft pink flush.  It's a my nails but healthier look.  I used 1 layer and no topcoat.  

Avril is a soft blush creme, slightly pink, slightly brown.  I really like this color, it's very nice and clean but pretty. Fantastic formula and application.  2 coats and no topcoat. 

Rue is a bit of a pastel mauve creme.  Super pretty.  Nothing wild, but just the perfect touch of color for special occasion nails.  Great formula, creamy and opaque.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

Abby is a pastel lilac creme.  I don't think this would make the greatest wedding day mani, I see these pastel shades more as Easter colors.  But it would be great as a wedding guest shade, actually, I have dress on that way that Abby might work perfectly with!  Great formula, creamy and opaque.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

Blu is exactly that, a lovely pastel shade of blue.  Literally the most whited out blue you can possibly get!  This would work great if you have nothing for your "something blue".  Could be a totally great pedi with sexy, scrappy heels.  Great formula, creamy and glossy.  2 coats and no topcoat.  

Snow White is a stark white creme.  I totally appreciate a nice white and this one is a beauty.  I did find it a bit streaky and it took some manipulation to even it out.  But the end result is great!  White will be a great Summer pedi!  3 coats and no topcoat. 

You've seen Leia before in the Kisses collection.  It made a comeback for the Bridal Bliss collection! Leia will be a perfect sparkly, color shifty topper over any of the other 11 shades in this collection.  I chose to put it over Snow White and love the shimmery, rainbowy look it gives off.  I used 1 coat and finished with topcoat.  

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