Thursday, June 14, 2018

KBShimmer; Wanderlust Collection, Summer 2018

Evening friends!  Sorry for the night time post, it was a busy first day of Summer with my kiddos home.  So I am finally sitting down and can share this fabulous Summer collection with you.  Wanderlust is the strong desire to travel.  I definitely have a bit of the Wanderlust bug, wanting to see new places, experience new things, try new foods. KBShimmer will launch the Wanderlust Collection on 6/15 and the polishes will be $10 each, or the bundle of 8, including a sweet multi chrome zipper bag, for $90.  Let's jump in and check out these Summery shades!

*press sample*

Meet Me at the Barre is a lovely pastel pink creme.  I always feel this is more of a Spring color, but it feels very refreshing for this hot season!  I liked the color but the formula and application weren't my favorite.  I thought it was a bit chalky and it applied unevenly.  Took me 3 coats and I still had a few spots that seemed patchy.  Once I applied the topcoat it lessened the uneven spots.

Hakuna Moscato is a shimmery rose gold micro flakie and holo glitter polish.  This can be a topper or worn alone, I chose to show it as a topper.  I like the delicate, shimmery look of it worn over Meet Me at the Barre, one it's own it is defiantly more of a bubbly, rose wine.  Formula and application were both really nice, smooth and easy to apply.  1 layer and then topcoat.  

Cactus if You Can is one of my favorites of the collection!  It's a gorgeous soft green full of a beautiful pink shimmer and a touch of holo sparkles.  Like a cactus with a flower blooming on top!  Formula and application were both great, no issues to mention.  Creamy and opaque.  3 coats for full coverage and topcoat to finish. 

Now & Zen is an ocean blue inspired polish with a touch of color shifting shimmer.  I see some aqua in there and a soft shift to purple.  The shimmer is really pretty and has that glowy look that always sucks me in.  Great formula, great application, zero complaints!  I used 3 coats, finished with a layer of topcoat.  

Succ it Up is a glorious purple full of aqua shimmer and holo sparkles.  Oh man, this polish is so beautiful!  Again, when the shimmer has this glowy effect I am drawn in like a moth to a flame.  Formula and application were both fantastic too!  3 coats for full coverage, topcoat to finish.  

Don't Fear the Reefer, one stunner of a holo!  This is  an aqua-green shade, uber linear holo.  Guys, what do you want?  A gorgeous holo for the Summer sun to bling out in peoples faces!? Yes you do so I suggest you pick up this beauty!  Fabulous formula and application.  I didn't have any problems with either.  3 coats used, finished with topcoat.  

Wander-Full World, another stunning holo for that super "notice me" and my fabulous nails polish!  What we've got here is a electric neon magenta linear holo.  Applied like a dream, full coverage and opaque in 2 coats.  Finished with topcoat.  

Last but not least is Rise & Grind.  I've said it before but I totally think there should be a stunning brown in every collection!  This one is in here so I am happy!  Inspired by that morning cup of joe!  Thought mine would be more of a milky, creamy brown because I like a touch of coffee with my cream.  This is a silvery brown linear holo, very pretty!  The first coat was slightly sheer but it built up great in 3 thin coats and I finished with topcoat.  

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