Sunday, June 3, 2018

Born Pretty: Thermal Stamping Polish

Good Evening, it was a fine Sunday!  The weather reached high temps so I packed up the kids and headed off to the pool for a few hours.  It was so nice! With this warm weather and cool AC inside, it's a great time to wear a thermal polish!  Better yet, a thermal stamping polish!  You heard me right, THERMAL-STAMPING-POLISH!  There are several colors available at the Born Pretty store but I specifically liked this dusty mauve/purple shade.  You can pick up the polish with this direct link HERE for $3.99, and you'll see the other 12 color choices too!  You can save 10% off using my code JTOW10! Let's jump in and check out the polish!

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I picked out a pretty dusty mauve shade, #04.  I had completely forgotten it was a thermal polish and wondered why my stamping kept changing color to a grey shade!  I thought my topcoat was messing with the color.  But when I went back to check my emails and the BP store listing I realized my mistake and was super excited for a thermal stamper!  I seriously want to go back for more colors because they will be SO fun during the Summer! The actual stamping polish worked great and the thermal shift was achieved easily!I do think it changes faster because it's less polish than a fully painted nail.  Check out my design!

Warm state is this lovely dusty mauve

Cold state is this soft, slate blue-grey.  

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here al the 2 shades individually, together!  

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