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Fit Snack Box; May 2018

Morning friends!  It's been a while since I've shared one of these posts with but for good reason.  I found out in early March that I am pregnant with my #4 baby.  Leading up to finding out I had been sick sick sick.  It continue for a good 2 months.  I was living in misery people, nauseous like no other, barely getting off the couch or leaving the house.  Sheer torture for someone like me who is uber active and always on the go (torture for anyone regardless of their pre-pregnancy routines actually).  So the last thing I wanted to do was eat let alone look at the snacks showing up in my Fit Snack boxes.  Which is really a shame because who know, maybe I would have found some snack that tasted good and made me feel better.  Anyways, I have a bit of a backlog of Fit Snack boxes to share with you now that I am feeling more like my normal self and back to a bit of an exercise routine I am going to tackle these to share with you! I'll start with the most recent and go backwards - so today I have the May box to share! As always, you can subscribe for the Fit Snack with a $3 discount using my link HERE!  Let's get to snacking!

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Let's start with the Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar.  I received 3 of these in the  chocolate peanut butter flavor.  Perfect size for a snack on the go, just toss it in your gym bag, diaper bag, purse, etc... These are high in protein, minerals and vitamins.  I found the bar to be quite tasty!  Chocolatey, peanut buttery, crisp and crunchy.  I would definitely eat these again and will be tossing the extras in my car for when I get that hunger pang that comes on so suddenly these days.  Check out their website, there are 12 flavors to chose from!

HerbaLand Protein Gummies are a great snack for anyone, but if you are on a vegan diet you might be evermore interested in these!  There are a ton of products on their website, I'd encourage you to head on over and check it out.  But I do have to give you my honest feedback, that even though these are great for you, they did not taste great.  I found them to be grainy and thick and just not the best flavor.  2 of my 3 kids tried them also (because gummies) and they were not on board.  

I'm highly intrigued by FREEZiNda.  It's a product that turns your favorite protein powder mix into a  delicious frozen dessert.  I'm stoked to try this one, sounds really tasty and it was easy to make.  Last night I used one of the protein shake powders I had at home, followed the directions and popped the mixture into the freezer.  I'll give it a try later today and update with my thoughts.  

*edited to add results of the FREEZiNda*

After freezing overnight the mixture turned into an icy mixture.  It was soft enough to eat directly out of the container with a spoon.  The flavor was basically the protein powder that I chose to use with the FREEZiNda product so no complaints there!  I'd say the texture was a bit on the gelatinous side.  It got thumbs up from me, Naomi and my hubby Leo.  

The kids were happy to try a new healthy chip option (always their favorites from these boxes).  The May box came with Soloman Baking Co Millet and Flax Seed Chips.  Wasn't too sure I was going to like these but they took me by surprise.  They had just the right amount of crunch and crispness.  Most importantly, I wasn't overpowered by the smokey barbecue flavor.  So these got a thumbs up from me and my kids.  Make sure to check their site, there are 7 different flavors of chips to choose from!  

I was most excited to try this Sunbutter Sunflower Butter.  I can't belie I have never tried sunflower butter before, I must be living under a rock because once I opened this jar up I could smell the goodness.  I for one, love sunflower seeds and this product did not disappoint!  It was absolutely delicious, creamy and sunflower seedy.  My favorite product in the box.  The best thing is that it is peanut free!   

On to the last of the products included in the May box...Chomps Meat Sticks.  I am pretty sure I have tried these before as they seem so familiar.  I have a hit or miss relationship with the meat products provided in Fit Snack.  Mostly leaning more towards miss.  I'm pretty picky with jerky and meat sticks.  I was leery to try these but I sucked u the courage and did it.  Thankfully they were pretty good!  The beef stick reminded me of a Slim Jim, but it tasted much healthier and wholesome.  It was juicy but not loaded with oil.  So the beef was good.  On to the turkey stick.  I worried that the turkey stick would be dry, as ground turkey tends to be.  And I did find it to be a little on the dry side, but not horrible.  I enjoyed the lighter poultry flavor and my daughter preferred this to the beef.  She actually asked for the remainder of the turkey stick to go in her lunch box for school tomorrow. 

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