Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ellagee Dude!

Morning polish friends!  Today I bring you another ellagee neon color from the 1985 collection.  This collection is pretty awesome, it's a rainbow of bright colors that reminded Laura of the "awesome fun and insanity that was the 80s."  Laura recently revamped a few of the formulas to provide her customers with the best quality.  While she was at it she added a few more colors to the collection!  I reviewed Way Orange a short time ago, if you want to read that post you can see it HERE.  

Dude is a "a yellow neon with a bright glow in UV light glammed up with soft white shimmer."  It's a really great neon with a pretty finish.  I wish I had a UV light so I could try out the glow in the dark feature but I don't, so you will have to check her Facebook page or store website for pictures of that.  Dude definitely falls into the neon category.  I love this shade of yellow - it's eye searing and makes me look tan (more so than I already am).  It's not as sheer as Way Orange was so I don't think starting with a white base is a necessity.  I used 3 coats to ensure full coverage and you can see a very faint nail line.  The formula on Dude was totally awesome (haha)!  It went on perfectly smooth and even.  No issues to report on either the formula or the application.  I didn't use topcoat so you could see the slight satin-matte finish.  And check out that silvery-white shimmer!  Gorgeous!  


Here are a couple pictures comparing the old formula of Dude to the new formula.  New on top, old on bottom.  The older version was a tad hard to work with.  If you were a novice painter you would probably be frustrated.  Old Dude was chalky streaky and not smooth what so ever.  You can see that the opacity and color match between the two version is almost identical.  Laura did a great job of improving her formula and not sacrificing any of the great qualities of the color.


And finally, just to give you good measure - here is Dude over white.  I used 1 coat of OPI Alpine Snow and 1 coat of Dude.  It's thisclose to being the same as Dude on it's own.  The biggest difference is that the visible nail line is completely gone.  So it's easy to wear both ways and looks amazing both ways.  It's up to you as the wearer to decide how you want to sport Dude!  

*this polish was provided for my honest opinion and review
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