Sunday, June 16, 2013

ellagee Way Orange

Hello polish friends!  I'm back with another fabulous ellagee polish to show off!  I've previously reviewed Electrosynthomagnetic, The Birds Sing Words and Welcome, Foolish Mortals.  Take a gander!  This post shows off a fun polish from the 1985 Collection - which you just know is going to be an amazing neon set.  You wouldn't have guessed this if you lived under a rock in the 80's or weren't born in time to enjoy them - you are excused if it's the later.  I kid.

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Way Orange is described by Laura as "a yellow-orange neon with a bright glow in UV light glammed up with soft white shimmer."  Way Orange is beautiful no doubt, but it's not really neon to me.  It is suggested to wear it over a white base for more "pop" power, or use up to 4 coats for the desired color.   I have a couple pictures of in that way to show you the difference.  But for the first set of pictures I used 3 coats alone and as you can see there is still a visible nail line.  So this is a sheer polish. The formula is still bright and it's easy to work with.  It's not chalky or streaky and smooths out on the nails nicely.  It dries to a soft matte finish.  I did not use topcoat.

3 coats of Way Orange alone


3 coats of Way Orange over 1 coat of OPI Alpine Snow (white)

Here I have a comparison between the new and old versions of Way Orange.  There were some problems with the old pigment so Laura went proactive and changed up the formula.  As you can see the new version is much lighter and more of a yellow-orange.  I like the brighter color of the old version better, but because it was a thick polish it was harder to work with.  The old version was also streaky.  So Laura made great adjustments to ensure ease of use, pretty color and quality product.  Both old and new versions are shown with 3 coats and no topcoat.

New version on top, old version on bottom


New version on top over white
*this polish was provided for my honest opinion and review

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  1. Thanks for the review and pretty photos! It was a tough choice making it more sheer, but it's easier to work with for sure. <3

    1. It really is a gorgeous color! I love the finish and the shimmer!

  2. ooooooh I love this color so much!! Neon or not, this is so much MY kind of color!!!
    And it actually looks amazing on you too ;-)