Monday, June 3, 2013

The Nail Junkie Fish

Hi polish friends!  Ok ok - one more blue post then I'll do another color, promise!  But I couldn't resist sharing this one because it is so sparkly and fun!  And with Summer on our heels I can't stop thinking about swimming, pools and the beach!  So let's delve into the water!

This is The Nail Junkie Fish.  It's so pretty and shimmery and I HAD to wear it for my daughters swim lessons to check it out in the water.  It didn't disappoint.  In the sunlight it's a metallic blue with gold and holo shimmer.  There are also blue and holo hexs that are very sparkly and lovely.  Under the water the combination of color, glitter and shimmer comes alive!  Aleta truly captured the look of fish scales.  With every hand movement there was sparkle and shimmer as if a fish was zipping past me.  I love this polish both on dry land and submerged.  I used 2 coats of Fish and it had great application.  The formula was nice and easy to work with and it was smooth to the touch after 1 layer of topcoat.

I would have loved to share underwater Fish pictures with you but it's hard to hold a camera and a toddler in the water lest the camera fell in.  You'll just have to trust me and buy a bottle for yourself to try it out.  Here's how you can follow The Nail Junkie:  Facebook, Instagram (thenailjunkiepolish), BlogEtsy.

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