Saturday, June 22, 2013

SoFlaJo For The Halibut

Hello polish friends!  I'm happy to share another new to me brand with you today!  SoFlaJo is the indie brand run by Jody, a super nice gal who live in Southern Florida (get it Southern = So, Florida = Fla, Jody = Jo).  Cute play on words right? From what I can gather SoFlaJo has been in business since Early 2012 and has been cranking out innovative and original collections from day 1!  I will be showing you a polish from her brand new line up, The Wet Dreams Collection.  Now don't let your mind stray!  This collection is another fun play on words featuring fish, marine life and water.  If you are interested in buying SoFlaJo polish you can do so at Jody's website  Her polishes run at $10 for a full size and $5 for a mini.  You can also follow SoFlaJo on Facebook for updates. 

This lovely polish is For The Halibut.  Jody describes it as 'a green/blue/gold shimmering polish."   I really like that this isn't your typical summer color.  It's deep olive green with a metallic finish says Fall to me, but the gold and blue sparkles in it stays relevant to the season.  It's not too dark of a color and will be perfect for more classy occasions (where neon might be a bit too much color) - a wedding for example.  For The Halibut is also a perfect option for those ladies (or gents) who just aren't feeling the summer brights.  This polish will transition nicely into the Fall and Winter months as well so you are definitely getting a trans-seasonal polish and your moneys worth!  I used 2 coats of FTH and had perfect coverage.  This polish wasn't too thick or thin, it was a happy medium of easily spreadable and smooth flowing formula.  I used 1 layer of topcoat to shine things up.  

So what do you think of darker colors in the summer?  Sexy, vampy, mysterious?  Have you tried SoFlaJo yet?  If so what are your favorite colors?  

*this polish was provided for my honest opinion and review
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  1. Love this colour, it has a gorgeous shine from it!