Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jade Energy & Deja Vu topped with Elevation Polish Huangshan

Hi polish friends!  I want to share this post because it's one of my attempts at a gradient, which I am still working on perfecting.  I really like how this one turned out!  It's holo, it's neon, it's glitter.  It's all kinds of good.  Sadly I don't like how most of the pictures turned out and only 2 seemed good enough to share.  So here are the pictures of the mani I wore to a Summer fashion show recently.  I wore a bright yellow lacy top so I wanted coordinating and matching colors.  This was perfect! 

The main issue I am having with gradients is the mess it makes and clean up is a major pain.  I think I will try taping my fingers next time and see if that helps keep it a little cleaner.  I basically put the 2 Jade holos on a triangle makeup sponge, Energy (a teal blue) on top, and Deja Vu (a true hot pink) on the bottom.  I then put the sponge on my nails and rubbed it up and down a bit to blend the colors together. I did that 3 times.  To match my blouse I used Elevation Polish Huangshan as a final addition.  I used 2 coats.  I truly love this neon yellow glitter!  So unique and fun!  And what took me a while to notice was the color shifting iridescent micro glitters!  Hello beautiful!  1 layer of topcoat to finish this mani.

You can purchase Jade polishes (which are from Brazil) from Ninja Polish.  Elevation Polish is available at the Elevation Polish website.  

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