Sunday, June 9, 2013

Super Black Lacquers The Whale

Good morning polish friends!  I am going to start a 3 day review of Super Black Lacquers today!  I'm excited because the polish created by Natalie is really pretty amazing!  When I first browsed through her store I was immediately drawn to the holos (of course), but then I spent some time inspecting the others and she has lovely glitters and shimmers too!  SBL was started in 2012 and "are 4-Free, with no Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, or Formaldehyde resin."  I like that Natalie and her friends personally test (ie wear) the polish several times before they are offered to the polish buying public.  You can check out more about Super Black Lacquers (and buy them) at the website  You can also follow them on Facebook!

This is SBL The Whale.  The Whale is described as "a medium, neutral grey creme polish, with an aqua blue iridescence."  Natalie made this polish because she wanted to make a grey polish that looked good on everyone.  Well, this is a truly gorgeous polish and I do think it would look great on everyone!  It absolutely makes me imagine a whale swimming with light reflecting off it's skin.  The aqua shimmer is stunning and very vibrant on the nail Don't you hate when the shimmer doesn't translate on the nail - NOT the case with The Whale!  The Whale also seems to change from a light greay to a medium grey depending on the lighting.  The Whale had a wonderfully thick and creamy formula.  It was easy to apply and was thiclose to being a 1 coater!  I used 2 coats for good measure and 1 layer of topcoat.  

*this polish was provided for my honest opinion and review

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes it's very pretty Kim! A unique polish to my collection too!

  2. That really is a beautiful colour!

  3. This is interesting, because my bottle looks *so* much different after two coats. It's MUCH darker!! I prefer yours!

    1. Well It did seem to change in lighting, a few of my pictures are darker grey than others. But with hand mixed polish I don't think every bottle/batch will come out identical. I really like that about indies. Have you checked other swatches to see if anyone else has a bottle similar to yours?

    2. i make pretty large batches... according to my records, both of your bottles came from the same exact batch. even when i make a new batch, i measure everything to a tenth of a gram, so there aren't differences between batches unless i mention it in the description ;) it's more likely that there is differences in lighting or in how the polish looks against your skin color.