Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beach Bunny Swap!

One of my nail polish groups decided to do a summer beach bunny swap….just to keep things fun and to get to know the other girls in the group.  I am soooo super excited!  My bunny sent my package and it arrived today!  I think I'm the first one to get their package so bonus points to Jessica for that (you set a high bar my dear!)  Even more awesome is that she got me 4 (FOUR!!) things off my wish list!  Candeo Colors Sprouse and Jelly Bean, Models Own Beach Party, and Color Club Sky High!  I am over the moon ecstatic with each one.  Jessica also threw in some fun sample sized items from LUSH - which is an all-natural, organic, handmade bath and body products store that I absolutely love. 

Thank you so much Jessica!  You are an awesome bunny!!

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