Thursday, June 21, 2012

Color Club Take Wing Collection = Skittles

Take Wing is the Color Club Summer 2012 collection.  Oooh I wanted this set badly!  It took me about a month to acquire them all, slowly, one by one.  But they are all finally home with their mama.  And they are a bunch of lookers, lemme tell you!

Since I couldn't decide which color to wear first I picked them all and did my first skittles mani.  Both hands are the same so I only took pictures of my left hand.  
The colors are as following: Wing Fling-pink (thumb), Sparkle and Soar-orange (index), Daisy Does It-yellow (middle), Fly With Me-green (ring), Metamorphosis-turquoise/teal (pinky).  And I have Sky High-blue, on my toesies but won't post the pictures since I know there is some animosity to toe pictures on the internet.  (:  This collection is made up of beautiful bright colors, jam packed with glass flecks in colors that coordinate to the polish base (i.e. pink base, pink flecks).  FWM and DDI seem to have some extra colors flashing in their flecks - pink and blue on top of the main color. 

I used 2-3 coats of each color, Daisy Does It, Sparkle and Soar, and Fly With Me were the most sheer and required 3 coats.  Even after that I could still see my nail line.  The coats went on smoothly, not too thick or thin.  But next time I may try to layer the more sheer colors over similar colored underwear.  You can find Color Club Take Wing at Rite Aid (at least in the area I live in), and I have heard of a few people spotting it packaged as a set at Ross.  

Sparkle and Soar, index finger

Daisy Does It, middle finger

Fly With Me, ring finger

Metamorphosis, pinky

Wing Fling, thumb

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  1. So do I!! I can't believe I waited so long to get them all! Do you have them PassionForPolish?

  2. I love the skittles theme! Perfect for summer time :)