Monday, June 4, 2012

Myrta + Tart With A Heart

I had an exciting weekend!  I went to my first fashion show!  It was fabulous.  The models were having a blast strutting on the catwalk, the sun was shining, wine was flowing, and women were getting rowdy!  When the male models walked by that is.  The fashion was bright and fun, perfect for the summer.  

I wore a pretty little (I truly mean little.  Probably the shortest dress I have worn ever) shift dress with a nice pattern of what looks like a brushstroke pattern in vibrant purple, orange, pink and beige.  I like that my dress had pockets, functioning well to help me keep my dress down indiscreetly.  Here is a pic of all the fab ladies I went with.

To match my dress I chose Zoya Myrta, from the new Surf collection.  Myrta is a very deep orange, almost red.  Much like Rory and Zuza, it's a unique finish.  Kind of metallic, kind of foily, kind of matte until you put on a topcoat.  Then it has a tiny hint of shimmer in the same color as the base.  I used 2 coats and they went on evenly, covering each nail fully.  Myrta was slightly thick - though I did apply out in the sun, so I wonder if my polish started to cook.  Despite the thickness it was not difficult to maneuver the polish.  To bling it up I used 1 coat of Butter London Tart With A Heart on each index finger.  TWAH is a beige colored glitter topcoat.  It gave a nice yet subtle look of diamonds on my nails.  I felt it was perfect and very classy for the fashion show.

And just for fun…here's what my nails looked like against my dress.

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  1. Myrta was a great choice, it matches your dress perfectly!!

  2. Wow, a fashionshow, that's awesome! I like the nailpolish, it looks very pretty in the sun and it indeed matches your dress :D