Tuesday, June 19, 2012


China Glaze GR8, from the OMG collection that came out in 2009 (?), is a softly linear yellow/gold holo.  All of the OMG's are extremely hard to find, and go for a pretty penny if you can find someone to sell/swap you one.  Actually GR8 is one of the less sought after ones of the collection so it's not as crazy expensive.  But is really quite lovely in an understated holo kind of way.

I used 2 coats over base coat and no top coat.  The polish went on smoothly with no bald spots and no dragging - which is usually a problem with holos.  I skipped the top coat because after consulting the internet I read that the topcoat would lessen the holo effect in these particular polishes.

This is one hard little bugger to capture with the camera.  In real life GR8 is beautiful, subtle, glowy, holo-y.  A great polish to wear out in the sun.  So my pictures don't do GR8 justice, but here they are anyways.  Enjoy!

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