Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FEVERshadow Rue's Wildflowers

The creator of FEVERlacquer recently began making eyeshadow!  Being inspired by The Hunger Games, she made a trio: Effie's Trinket, District 12 Soot and Rue's Wildflowers.  They come in loose powder and cream formulas.  I ordered the cream formula because I like how creams slightly glisten, have less fall-out and more staying power.  I was not disappointed!  I have worn all 3 and can say that they stay bright and vibrant all day long!  On the FEVERlacquer Facebook page you will see a post stating that all "cosmetics are hand made, and most importantly they are ALL toxin free... so I use natural ingredients, especially in the facial cosmetics (eye shadow, primer, liner etc)."  The main ingredients are kaolin and natural oils.  

As I mentioned I have worn all three colors, but in this post I will be spotlighting Rue's Wildflower.  Cas describes the shadow as a violet base with pink highlights.  I found it to be a very beautiful, very bright violet shade.  It did indeed have pink shimmer which I felt made it glow!  The shimmer also gave it an iridescent sheen.  Rue's Wildflower applied easily and smoothly.  I used a makeup brush, but since I generally use my fingertips for cream shadows, promptly ditched the brush for my finger.  I did give it a quick stir with a toothpick before I applied it, just to get the oils mixed well.  I found that the shadow also has a slight minty scent, almost like aromatherapy.  It's very pleasant.   The shadow lasted a very long time, barely fading at all.  That is a huge deal for eye shadow!  

Here are a few pictures of the shadow on, taken both outdoors and indoors to show off the differences in lighting.  Also a few pictures of the product inside the jar.  

I purchased these items and you can too!  Visit the FEVERcosmetics store to purchase the shadows or some amazing nail polish creations!




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