Friday, June 22, 2012

FEVERshadow Beach Night

I recently won a contest run by Casandra at The Mani-Logues/FEVERshadow/Wishful Bath & Beauty.  I received a professional nail art brush set from MASH!  I can't wait to use them and try out some nail art - which I have only tried once before.  

my prize!!

I was also sent a sample of one of the new FEVERshadow Summer 2012 eyeshadows, which will be coming out soon.  I received Beach Night and it's uncanny how perfect it is for me.  Chasing after 3 young kids has made me deeply appreciate makeup that is no fuss no muss, and this color is perfect for that!  It will look great on many skin tones, you can wear it in the daytime with shorts and flip flops or at night with a little eyeliner and lipstick for a more dressed up look.  

I personally always lean towards shimmery, sandy taupes and tans and Beach Night was really spot on!  Beach Night is a silvery taupe with green and gold shimmer in it.  I used a concealer colored creme shadow as a base to help the powder stick and I think it really helped keep the eyeshadow on my lids all day long.  Mind you I was out in the heat at a theme park and the shadow still looks great!  It's a really perfect shadow for wearing makeup, but not looking like you are wearing too much.  Personally I am keeping my fingers crossed that Casandra makes this in the cream formula because I'm a just that kind of girl!  

Sorry for the missing letters - I must have smudged them off at some point.

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  1. Wow, that colour looks lovely on you, Jen!

    1. Thanks Laurie! It definitely falls in my go-to shadow color palate so I'm very excited about it!