Wednesday, June 13, 2012

FEVERshadow Effie's Trinket + District 12 Soot

I recently wore and reviewed FEVERshadow cream shadow in Rue's Wildflowers.  This was part of the Hunger Games Trio and today I'm reviewing the other two from that collection.  

Effie's Trinket is a beautiful metallic gold with pink glitter.  It's a very vibrant yellow gold that really stands out.  The cream shadow has amazing color payoff and it really lasts a long time!  I found that Effie's Trinket was easier to apply with a shadow brush that I dipped into the stirred cream pot (I did a quick stir with a toothpick before use) than my usual finger tip method for applying cream shadow.  Some of the oils leaked out of the pot in transit so this shadow was a bit crumbly but still worked perfectly fine.  ET went on smoothly like a cream should.  It did not clump upon application and it had that same minty smell that Rue's Wildflowers did.  There was no creasing after a whole day's worth of wear.  I did see the pink glitter in the pot, but not so much on my eyelid.  No matter, it's still a beautiful eyeshadow that I see myself wearing all summer long!  

District 12 Soot is a black-brown matte.  It applies much like the others, easily and smoothly.  No clumping or creasing, minty scent and amazing color payoff.  Using a shadow brush I put D12S in the outer corner of my eyes and on the outside edge of the crease.  I also used it as liner on the outer edge of my lower lid.  D12S is the perfect compliment to Effie's Trinket.  I would actually like to try D12S on my lids solo - when I do, you know I will post it here!!

You can find information about FEVERshadow on their Facebook page.  Also check out the new page Wishful Bath & Beauty…same maker of FEVERlacquer and FEVERshadow plus awesome new items coming soon!!  

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  1. Thank you for the review!!! Love these on you! I have begun to notice the creams do not like the pink sparkles in the ET, but the loose powder loves to show it off!