Sunday, June 17, 2012

FEVERshadow District 12 Soot

District 12 Soot is part of the FEVERshadow Hunger Games trio.  I have reviewed all three shadows now, you can see the others here and here.  But I had only used D12S as an accent shadow/liner and wanted to spotlight this on it's own because it's really quite lovely.  

District 12 Soot is a black matte shadow with golden brown flecks throughout.  You can see these flecks well in the jar on on the eyelids.  D12S applied easily and smoothly using both a brush and my finger to get the perfectly blended dark shadow look.  I always think of models lazing about in bed with uber messy hair, yet somehow perfect makeup when I wear dark matte shadows like this.  Of course in my imagination this all takes place in a hotel room in France.  So in other words it made me feel sexy.  

Out of the 3 cream shadows from the set, this one faded the most after a day's wear (8-ish hours).  But because it does go on darker than the other 2, you may actually like it a bit lightened up after some wear time.  In my opinion it did not fade so much that I felt I needed to reapply.

Check out other products from FEVERshadow and FEVERlacquer here!  FYI - Casandra has a new store name, Wishful Bath & Beauty and is going to start making body products AND a new line of summer eyeshadow!  Go give her page a "Like."

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